AP Accountant (National Staff)

Kazakhstan, Büro Almaty
ILF Consulting Engineers
Эта вакансия недоступна в Вашей стране.

Job description

Receive and supervise primary accounting records and prepare them for processing and reporting. Maintain records, regis tration of concluded contracts.

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annually draw up a recon ci liation acts for all mutual settlements.
  • Identify overdue debts and apply measures to their repayment.
  • Perform accounting and control over settle ments with suppliers and contractors (for work and services), over other accounts payable, advances issued for supply of works and services.
  • Monitor the collection of accounts payable within the estab lished time frame, compliance with payment discipline.
  • Take part in drawing up and approval of the list of payments. Carry out payment orders in the accounting system, making out bank state ments, checking the correctness of the appro priate accounts.
  • Parti cipate in the prepa ration of financial state ments for the accounting direction.
  • Take part in inventory taking groups.
  • Provide the managers, auditors and other users of the accounting reports with compa rable and trust worthy infor mation on the appro priate type of accounting.
  • Provide safety of the documents being in the work, correct processing and grouping of accounting documents for their subse quent transfer to the archive, paying special attention to the documents, which should be kept in the archive for a long time.

Compe tency Requirements :

  • Knowledge of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan on accounting and financial reporting, as well as financial, tax and economic laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Resolu tions, instruc tions, orders, other direc tives, metho do lo gical and normative materials of financial and controlling and auditing autho rities on the organiz ation of accounting and reporting and on economic and financial activity of the Company.
  • Company’s structure, strategy and develo pment prospects.
  • provi sions and instruc tions on the organiz ation of the Company’s accounting and the rules for accounting.
  • way the opera tions are documented and the organiz ation of document flow in the accounting areas;
  • forms and procedure for financial settlements.
  • procedure for the accep tance, recognition, storage and spending of money.
  • rules for the settle ments with debtors and creditors.
  • terms of taxation for legal entities and individuals.
  • procedure for writing off shortages, accounts receivable and other losses from the accounts.
  • rules of conducting an inventory of cash and supplies.
  • procedure and terms for drawing up balance sheets and reports.
  • rules for carrying out audits and documentary inspections.
  • methods of infor mation processing using the following : computer programs for accounting and human resources management;

modern technical means of commu ni cation and connection.

  • basics of labor laws.
  • rules and regula tions of labor protection and fire safety.


Education : Higher Education

Language skills : Kazakh, Russian and English are mandatory.

Profes sional experience : Min 3 years

Almaty, 5 / 2

mailto : Recruitment-KAZ ilf.com

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